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Sidewalk Juke

June 12, 2010

I’m going to describe a situation that happened to me yesterday and has probably happened to everyone at least once before:

I was walking down the street, and someone else was heading in my direction. It looked like we were going to run into each other, so of course, we both change our paths and step to the side. Well, it just so happens, we both chose the same side. So then, we try the other side. No luck. Same thing happens. This went on for a good 3-4 times, until we both just stopped, smiled, and carefully chose different paths.

I bet we sure looked funny to the people around us, what with us juking back and forth like we were playing soccer, except with no ball. It was definitely a light moment to have with a complete stranger. And even though we were strangers, at that moment, we were totally in sync. Or totally out of sync with each other, if you look at it the opposite way.

I think at the moment where we both stopped and smiled, we realized that maybe we were both in too much of a rush, and it was a funny and subtle way to learn that maybe we ought to slow down in life sometimes. Especially in our increasingly busy world, it’s nice to have some of these simple moments to remind us to take it easy :)

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