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Inspirational Tuesday: Good Karma and Good Health

April 27, 2010

Dr. Aumatma Shah works full-time with no pay at Karma Clinic, which she co-founded in April 2009. At the clinic, located in Oakland, California, patients don’t have to wait in line and don’t have to pay for medical care.

Dr. Shah is a naturopathic doctor, which means she uses natural remedies to heal and connect the mind, body, and spirit.

Since she says something that’s “free” is generally not valued, so she refers to her clinic’s health care is a “gift.” Karma Clinic’s concept is simple: Dr. Shah and three colleagues give the gift of health.

So why would anyone devote so much time and energy to strangers? Dr. Shah was inspired after volunteering at clinics right out of med school. She believes everyone should have access to health care and feels that good karma will sustain her needs. Ever since a young age, she had a vision of running a free clinic of some sort.

The clinic continues to run on anonymous donations from the community. Miraculously, every month, just the right amount of donations come in to cover the clinic’s costs and Dr. Shah’s basic needs. But this project might need more help soon, as Dr. Shah’s medical school loans will be due next month. She trusts that good karma will carry her and the clinic through these new challenges.

“We give patients the respect that they deserve, regardless of whether they have money or not,” she says. “Because they’re human beings, and everyone deserves health care.”

“We give, no strings attached.” Dr. Aumatma Shah says with a big smile.

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