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Stuff the Cups

April 17, 2010

Today was Cal Day! It was UC Berkeley’s open house and a huge day of basically showing off everything that makes it such an amazing university.

To help fundraise for Camp Kesem, I donned a bra and participated in “Stuff the Cups.” To sum up how it worked, male Camp Kesem counselors went around and asked people to donate money (stuff) into their bras (the cups). I was definitely a little nervous at the beginning, but loosened up and had fun with it once it got strangers to start smiling, laughing, and donating.

Though not that many people donated, the bras on males certainly turned a lot of heads. As a result, a lot of visitors and prospective freshman listened as we talked about our organization and what we do. It was also great to hear many people complimenting us on our cause and our creativeness, as it’s sometimes hard to stand out among the hundreds of clubs and tens of thousands of students at Berkeley.

It was an interesting perspective to look different and be kind of out there. If you knew me back in high school, this is something I definitely wouldn’t have done before college. But life at Cal has taught me to open up, and I think that’s helped me to become a better person.

Though we ended up raising a small chunk of money from the day, I think the best part was just getting the chance to make lots of people smile and laugh, and add a little extra Berkeley flavor to Cal Day :)

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