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America’s Favorite Pastime

April 9, 2010

The Major League Baseball season starting earlier this week. Though lots of people say they don’t have the patience for the sport, baseball is and has always been my favorite sport. Though games, with all the things that happen between pitches, batters, and innings, last about 3 hours, I enjoy every part of them, from the very first pitch to the last.

I was born and bred in the Bay Area, and thus I’ve got a few favorite teams. Though I root for the Oakland A’s as well, the San Francisco Giants are my team, through and through. So of course, I absolutely love the 3-0 start that we’re off to.

Each season, I try to get out to one or two games at AT&T Park and watch the Giants play live. I love going to the ballpark and just taking in the atmosphere: the smell of hot dogs, crisply cut grass, the beautiful view of the bay.

I never played little league baseball when I was younger, but I did participate in a summer league called the Junior Giants. We didn’t keep score (at least not officially- you know kids) and just had fun. The emphasis was on fundamentals and teamwork. Though it wasn’t a competitive, I loved every part of it. Later on in 8th grade, I applied and was selected as one of ten inaugural Junior Giants Scholars. I got my very own custom Giants jersey and was invited onto the field at AT&T Park before a game. Needless to say, this was a really exciting and memorable experience for me.

my jersey

on the field for pregame ceremony

My secret dream job has always been to be General Manager of the Giants. I think it would be so awesome to be in control and responsible for assembling the 25 players on the baseball team.

Being a diehard Giants fan, the 2002 World Series loss to the Anaheim Angels was nothing short of devastating. We were 6 outs (6!) away from being champions of the world! Sigh.

I think the thing that makes opening day so exciting each season is because every team gets to start anew. No matter how bad the previous year went, all of that is in the past. With the first pitch comes a new season. A new season of home runs, strikeouts, hopes, and dreams.

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