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Spreading the Gift of Education

March 18, 2010

Today, I read a article entitled Giving Students in the Developing World Peer-to-Peer Loans, and learned about an organization with a noble vision. If you’ve heard of microfinance, you’ve probably heard of Kiva, which empowers individuals to lend to an entrepreneur across the globe. Vittana, a new platform for educational loans, follows a similar model.

Vittana is building a world where anyone can go to college. It partners with local microfinance organizations around the world to build student loan programs from the ground up, often providing the first and only access to college loans in the countries where we work.

Vittana streamlines the process for you to help out a student in the developing world. On their website, you simply find a student and make a loan (100% of your funds are delivered tothe student). Using your loan, the student finishes college (or vocational school), gets a degree, and then gets a job. You get paid back when the student repays the full amount of your loan. Then you can use the money to make another loan.

In most countries, student loans just don’t exist. The Vittana community is enabling students around the world to get access to higher education for the first time.

Spread the gift of education.

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