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Inspirational Tuesday: The Ukulele Makes Peace

March 16, 2010

Photo credit: Sencame

Ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro learned to play the first chord on his musical instrument at age 4 and was hooked.

“I’ve always believed it’s the instrument of peace,” he says, “because if everyone played the ukulele, this would be a much more peaceful place.”

From a modest beginning performing at a local Honolulu café, Jake has gone on to play renowned and popular venues and festivals across the world. In his spare time, Jake often visits schools to talk with and play music for children in Hawaii, hopefully inspiring them to put their energy into learning about and playing music.

Moreover, Jake is the key spokesman for the “Music is Good Medicine” organization, which uses community outreach programs – and visits to schools, senior centers, and hospitals – to emphasize the importance of a healthy life and mind as well as promoting music and the arts.

I love how he describes music playing as being aware of all of the energy around you and physically putting everything there in every strum. He doesn’t believe in separate music lives and personal lives. Everything is all one. Everything is personal. His music is a reflection of everything in his personal life.

“When you hear a ukulele, you can’t help but smile. You just play one chord, and it makes everyone in the room smile.”

Here’s his recent interview with CNN. His personality really shine through.

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  1. March 16, 2010 3:54 pm

    I love this guy’s music. He’s got some amazing talent. Thanks for writing about him. It’s cool to hear about his view on music, and you’re right, his personality does shine through.

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