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February 13, 2010

From January 19 to February 14, Cal Do Something collected a grand total of 1018 pairs of jeans for homeless teens in America and Haiti. The used jeans will be sent to the YMCA Haiti in Port-au-Prince, which will be distributing them to the locals. This means Haitians will get these much-needed clothes, and will be able to take advantage of the YMCA’s emergency relief and support services at the pick-up spots.

Our Jeans for Haiti drive was one of the largest projects that I’ve ever led and it was awesome to finally reach our initial goal of 1000 pairs on the last day. It involved a lot of coordination with other student groups, including many service organizations and the Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC). There were some communication gaps along the way and it was definitely a learning experience, but through it all, we still reached our goal.

Do Something is an awesome organization that focuses on empowering and supporting young people to take action.  all sorts of efforts tackling problems from social injustice to disaster relief. Cal Do Something was founded midway through last semester and has steadily grown its campus presence.

Last semester, with just four steady members, we executed a Milk and Music project to raise awareness for music education in schools. In the end, we made 21,040 people aware of our campaign and cause, and won a $2,500 grant for music education, a fender guitar, and a rock band set.

Awareness + Action = Impact


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