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Old Home

February 4, 2010

A few years removed, a place I once called home has become a little foreign to me.

Over winter break, I visited my alma mater San Mateo High School with a friend. It was great to see and talk to some of my old teachers and coaches, but I didn’t really feel like I belong anymore. As the final bell rang and all the current high schoolers filed out into the halls, I felt out of place. Since I graduated almost three years ago, no one really recognized me. I saw all the orange and black posters, banners, and school spirit that has been a staple of San Mateo for decades, and couldn’t help but recall the amazing memories I have from my four years there.

I spent my freshman and sophomore years in the portables (which are now tennis courts), and though it wasn’t an ideal learning environment, I enjoyed my time there. I remember having lunch everyday in Bearcat Lair and walking through rickety halls of portable city.  My junior and senior years, we moved into brand new buildings. The red-bricked school area was absolutely beautiful, with the buildings surrounding  a wonderful amphitheater that played host to many awesome lunch rallies.

The four years I spent at San Mateo High School were some of the most important years of my life. I grew a lot as a person, learning from teachers, coaches, and friends. I remember walking across the stage at graduation thinking that it was a bittersweet moment, knowing this was a final high school goodbye and the beginning to a new chapter of life. It’s a little sad to not be involved with my high school anymore, but I did take with me memories that will last a lifetime.

Once a bearcat, always a bearcat.

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  1. Amy permalink
    February 4, 2010 6:09 pm

    YOU SCHOOL LOOKS SOOOOOO COOL. sheezz. super snazzy.

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